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Planning Tips

Cynthia has a few tips for those who getting ready to marry:

  • Locate and book your church and reception venue before consulting your floral designer. To properly advise you, your floral designer will need to know the size and shape of the church.
  • Develop a vision of your wedding, including the theme, style and colors you desire. Remember to take into account the season when thinking of color schemes.
  • Be ready to give your floral designer as much information as possible, for the best possible recommendations.
  • Estimate how much you can reasonably spend on floral décor.
  • Consider how you can get more for your money with “double-duty” arrangements.

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About Thee Wedding Center

Cynthia Baranski

Cynthia Baranski, founder and owner of Marylu’s Flowers and Gifts and Thee Wedding Center is often asked what her secret is when it comes to her stunning floral arrangements and her successful wedding consultation businesses.

According to her, from the time she was a child she had a love of beautiful things, including interior décor and floral design. That love of beautiful things was nurtured when she moved to New York as a

young adult and was able to attend the many art and design museums there. Many of her ideas, even today, go back to the great works of art she studied. Once she returned to the Rio Grande, she attended every floral workshop she could and after that she studied floral design with Ralph Newell of Oklahoma University. Even then, her education was not complete, and she worked with an international award-winning designer on the West Coast, who introduced her to floral design styles and materials rarely seen here in the Valley. She still keeps in touch with him to this day. When pressed to give the identity of this designer, she jokes that this is a “trade secret”, but the certificates and diplomas found on her shop walls might lend some clues.


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